well, from time to time, you get asked to remove sculptures that were made in 2007 that have been stored in a family members garage since then.  As a budding sculptor, in those days i explored the idea of art, particularly sculpture, as a justification for ppl to, well... make...things.  I talked of the requirements of something being considered a sculpture, that it had to be an object that occupied volume in any given space.  In the fall of 2007 I was blessed to have my first solo art exhibition in the then exciting arts district called Miami Circle (ATL).  In that show i exhibited a number of sculptural objects, multiples and isometric drawings of mundane appliances, just to name of frew.  One drawing sold.  of the work that was shown, one of the pcs were two life-sized wooden recreations of a washing machine and dryer.  6 months ago i turned those two useless sculptures into these functional, ebony-stained, solid 1/2" acrylic drawers, night stands.  check ya boi.