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nu tings

we live in the season of collaborations... That is, ever since the first utterance of the shortened "CUH-LAB-BO!" was screamed at the beginning of mid-90s hip-hop/R&B track.

It is with great pleasure that I can bare witness of a new opportunity that has shown it's self on the horizon. Even though said party and I have indirectly taken a vow of secrecy, it is almost debilitating not to show signs of excitement about future possibilities. Anyone that knows me knows where a lot of my passion lay. This particular endeavor has the ability to take me closer to those ultimate dream-scapes.

Ambitions fail when there is not 100% support by all parties involved. I sincerely believe in this project synopsis. I could stand here and argue the "Creative as Shah-man" theory but with that said, it goes without saying. As creatives, it is our responsibility to heal the land of it's destitute fruition's.

Expect sneak peeks this summer. Definitely be on the look out for A/W 2013.