we came in second't

Four weeks ago I entered a cute competition held by the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) at the annual Dogwood Festival held in Atlanta's Piedmont Park.  As a part of the Museum's "Hands on Design" effort, the competition was called The Great Chair Hak.  This is a competition in which each team is given a chair-like item from Ikea's warehouse and asked to create anything but a chair.  I assembled a team consisting of two of my very good friends: Matthew Sigmon and Ryan Vihlen.  (#TeamA.R.M. aka #Team2Chairz)

In the competition, ten teams were all given an unassembled Ikea bench.  All were very small and considered to be of "Ikea quality", which in most cases means that the said item will not make it pass one move.  My biggest fear was that we would be the most equipped (i.e. tools, skillz, and looks) team and still not be able to complete what was being asked of us.  

One-and-a-half hours into this three-hour process, in spite of our relentless brainstorming, we were still unable to mesh as a team and an idea.  With an overflow of equipment and tools I finally suggested: "Why don't we just make a table saw?"...and that rest is history.  

After a soul-stirring demo we placed 2nd concerning the judges.  We did however become the "People's Champ" by placing 1st in the People's Choice Award.  We Love the PPL>

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