"Uh, in America we call it 'Americano'."

Dealing with the drudgery of having to get an IPhone replaced is a rather daunting task.  Most of the time, the "haters" outfitted in blue "Apple" shirts, find every reason not to freely give you what is deserved under some Apple Care clause.  These scientists loom with their microscopically enabled LED lights into the inner parts of your handset.  (Said person is trying to identify a certain moisture-stained pink dot.)  When their probe is complete, you will most likely be told the statement: "U, uh, dropp't ur phone in water din't u".  Only then will you realize that your irrelevant appointment and one-hour in-store wait resulted with $53.99 less on your credit card.  (That is if you have Apple Care)

In most cases, sans usage of the iCloud feature, you lose your photos that had been taken since the last "back up" was performed.  I was forced to get a new phone earlier this year.  After my uneventful experience at the Lenox Square location I decided I would try the boonies and headed to MOG (Mall of Georgia).  Fortunately for myself the representative at the particular store, aside from trying to program their own digits into my phone, was able to have it replaced. 

Milling down Aluminum Espresso Tamper.

Milling down Aluminum Espresso Tamper.

With that said...I have been pulling from my Instagram account (@antbankss) to post some of these pictures.  To the right is a picture of an espresso tamper I have been turning on the metal lathe.  I love anything involving the usage of espresso.  Because of that I decided to treat myself to a custom tamper to make brewing my Americanos easier.