Radha Durante Design was founded and is led by the Atlanta-based artist + designer Antonio Darden.  While the concept behind the studio had always been present, it was not officially launched until 2011.

Antonio Darden received his BFA in Three-Dimensional Design concentrating primarily in Sculpture in 2006.  Later that year he, with two friends, co-founded 90MPDesign.  Serving as Art Director (now Lead Artist), he has assisted in shaping the company into a all-encompassing design firm.  90MPD specializes in handling multidisciplinary projects from clients seeking a well-informed point-of-view. 

In 2009 Antonio ,with #BFF Matt Sigmon co-founded "The Art Officials".  The duo teamed up to create an Atlanta-based collaborative artistic effort focusing on performance and installation art. 

The Absolute Truth

I am the product a person's undying passion for betterment and beauty.